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In This Issue...
Conserving Water At Home and in the Garden
by G123 Staff

Gardening123 Members share their water saving tips.
Preserving Summer Flowers
by Bob Sampson

There are times we wish the beauty of summer flowers would last forever.
The Straight Scoop on "Deer Proof" Plants
by Debbie VanBourgondien

Its not just me. Garden writers everywhere come in for a lot of flak when they publish a list of deer-proof plants. Its not that we are lying. Its not that we dont know what were talking about, either. These lists are compiled after a very careful observation, generally by teams of agricultural experts, of those plants that deer seem irresistibly drawn to, those they sometimes nibble on, and those that they tend to ignore.
At First Blush, Harvest Tomatoes
by Kathleen W. Ward

When they reach a certain age, tomatoes Americans' favorite garden vegetable, which is really a fruit start acting like teenagers. All they do is hang around. They're in the throes of suddenly active hormones which in the tomatoes' case, produce gas! They're still attached to their vine, but become totally closed off from its day-to-day operations.
Watering Tips During Times of Drought
by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

When drought conditions prevail, gardeners have to start making choices about what to water and when. It's not often an easy choice.

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