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In This Issue...
From Garden to Kitchen: Grow Your Own Herbs
by Stephanie Schupska, University of Georgia

Using herbs in the kitchen is a dietary way to help yourself in not eating too much salt and increasing the flavor in your food.
Repotting Root Bound Houseplants
by Charlie Christian

Are your plants speaking to you? We, as Master Gardeners, continue to read articles regarding repotting to a larger pot; however what is seldom mentioned is the option to root prune and return the plant, whether it is a house plant or perennial, to the original container.
Appalachian Spring: Praise for Perennials from the Southern Mountains
by Cole Burrell

Join Cole as he takes a look at some of the best native plants for your garden that can also be found in the Great Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.
On the Cusp of Spring
by Kim Hawks

Kim can hardly wait to start working in her garden this spring. Checkout some of her tips on preparing for the growing season so you'll be ready too when the weather breaks.
Spring Chores Add Beauty to Summer Landscape
by Bob Westerfield

Spring time is a time of anticipation and outdoor fun. By accomplishing a few outdoor chores early, we can look for a landscape that should provide us beauty and enjoyment all year.

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