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In This Issue...
Spring Brings Top 11 Landscape Insects, Diseases
by Stephanie Schupska

Jule-Lynne Macieís top 10 plant problems for early spring turned into 11 when she thought about it longer.
Spring Is Repot Time for Most Houseplants
by Kansas State Research and Extension

All plants respond to spring's longer days Ė including those living indoors. The resulting growth spurt is why most houseplants need to be repotted annually. And, spring is when that usually occurs.
Resist Spring Fever in the Vegetable Garden
by Dan Rahn

There isn't a vaccine for spring fever. But if you develop a little resistance of your own, experts say you'll prevent some problems when sunny days start drawing you toward your garden.
Early Flowering Trees to Break Winter's Spell
by Taimi Anderson

Now that Mother Nature will soon be waking from her long winter nap to start her annual spring-cleaning, gardeners everywhere are anxious to begin a new growing season. Take a look at some great early flowering trees that will give you a head start on spring.
The Straight Scoop on "Deer Proof" Plants
by Debbie VanBourgondien

Itís not just me. Garden writers everywhere come in for a lot of flak when they publish a list of deer-proof plants. Itís not that we are lying. Itís not that we donít know what weíre talking about, either. These lists are compiled after a very careful observation, generally by teams of agricultural experts, of those plants that deer seem irresistibly drawn to, those they sometimes nibble on, and those that they tend to ignore.
Spring Into Fertilization
by Julene Reese

Spring is an exciting time for most gardeners. After being cooped up all winter, it is nice to get outside and work with nature again.

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