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Quality Products

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Using fertilizer allows you to ensure your plants receive all of the necessary elements for them to thrive and grow. Select a product to learn what fertilizer we recommend for use on annuals, shrubs, vegetables, and other types of plants. Visit the Learning Center to learn more about how fertilizer works and why certain elements benefit different types of plants.

Bandini® Citrus Food (16-4-8)
Bandini® Palm Food (12-4-8)
Holland Bulb Booster Fertilizer
STA-GREEN® 3 Plus 3TM Lawn Fertilizer
STA-GREEN® 3-MonthTM Azalea, Camellia, & Rhododendron Food
STA-GREEN® 3-MonthTM Nursery Special®
STA-GREEN® 3-MonthTM Rose Food
STA-GREEN® 6-MonthTM Flower & Vegetable Food
STA-GREEN® 6-MonthTM Foliage Plant Food
STA-GREEN® Bloom Start®
STA-GREEN® Centipede Lawn Fertilizer
STA-GREEN® CRAB-EX® Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Fertilizer
STA-GREEN® Fall Feed Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer
STA-GREEN® Seed and Sod® Starter Lawn Fertilizer
STA-GREEN® St. Augustine Weed & Feed
STA-GREEN® Winterizer for Warm Season Grasses

NOTE: These manufactures have not paid us to showcase their products.


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