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Dwarf Native - Little Henry Sweetspire

by Proven Winners

Little Henry Sweetspire
Little Henry Sweetsprire. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Little Henry Sweetspire, the exciting new dwarf Sweetspire, is covered with sweetly scented pristine white flowers that shoot off like a gazillion little sparklers in the early summer garden. Its unique compact and tidy low mounding growth habit, reaching 2 to 3-feet in height, and hardiness to zone 5, make this little charmer perfect for use in mixed perennials borders and mass plantings in the landscape.

During the summer its dark green foliage becomes a crisp cool foil for other plantings. But in fall the pyrotechnics begin again as Little Henry bursts into a pyre of flaming red foliage that tops the flashy burning bush. And Little Henry holds onto its gorgeous colored leaves longer than burning bush and many other shrubs in the fall landscape.

Like other native shrubs it adapts well to most soils, but this tough little guy also tolerates wet areas. However, once established Itea Little Henry is also reasonably drought tolerant. And while it thrives in full sun it will also strut its stuff in shady sites. You could almost call Little Henry the "anywhere shrub."

As with any newly planted shrub, care should be taken in the first year to make sure that the soil around its root ball remains moderately moist so the roots grow and become established. If asked to compete for water with mature trees, such as Maples, it probably will need supplemental watering and should be monitored on a regular basis.

Little Henry requires no pruning to keep it in check. But if desired, give it a light shearing with hedge shears when the plant is young to encourage it to fill in faster. And even better news is these shrubs are rarely bothered by pests or disease.

Little Henry Sweetspire in Fall
Little Henry Sweetsprire's foliage turns red in fall. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners.

To add interesting texture and color to the landscape plant ‘Little Henry’ in front of dwarf evergreens or a colorful shrub such as Barberry 'Rose Glow' and skirt it with colorful sedges such as Carex 'Bowles Golden'.

In shaded areas the white flowers of Itea Little Henry show off beautifully next to the small blue hosta such as ‘Little Aurora’ and ‘Halcyon’. For real punch add colorful bronze-colored Heucheras like ‘Plum Pudding’.

For more suggestions about how to use Itea Little Henry’ in the landscape, to locate a retailer in your area where you can purchase this exciting shrub and to view the complete line of other ColorChoice introductions, check out their website at

Source: Proven Winners Color Choice Flowering Shrubs


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