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Houseplant Helper with Gary Antosh:
Tips for Your Mandevilla

by Gary Antosh

Mandevilla looks great on patios.

We've received quite a few requests for information on caring for Mandevilla, so we'll try to give you some help on this colorful vine.

The Mandevilla has grown in popularity over the past few years along with some of the other spring flowering vines. There is another plant that is similar to

the Mandevilla called the Dipladenia. But, there are a few differences between the two plants.

First, we usually find Mandevilla grown as a trellised and not as a potted or basket plant like Dipladenia. The leaves of the Mandevilla are not as leathery as those on the Dipladenia and, typically, both the leaves and the flowers are larger in size. Mandevilla's also show a tendency to vine more.

All of the varieties grown are very showy and flower readily, especially during the warmer months. In south Florida, these plants are grown in full sun, so make sure that you give them very high, bright light.

It is also important to use a well-drained soil because these plants can be very sensitive to over-watering. Allow the plants to dry between waterings. When you water, make sure that you water thoroughly. Water should run out the bottom of the pot and remember to water ----- S L O W L Y ---- so all of the soil gets wet.

The real beauty of this plant is the flower. It is very responsive to warm temperatures, and the plant will stall if the temperature stays too cool, say below 65 degrees.

The flowering will be forcing the plant to use up a lot of food, so a good, well-balanced fertilizer will help in keeping the plant(s) healthy and flowering longer. Most likely the plants will require some pinching to keep them inbounds.

You will find 4 named varieties in the stores: A pink named - Alice Dupont, Yellow, White Delight, and my favorites, darker red - Ruby Star. All make beautiful additions to the patio and/or entrance.

They really are easy to care for, and add color wherever they are growing.


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